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Video Graffiti

Touch-screen video graffiti installation

The Video Graffiti installation consists of a touch-screen display, with software designed to be as simple as an etch-a-sketch, connected to a high-power video projector pointed at the side of a building. The effect is akin to graffiti tagging the building with light.

The software was constructing by modifying the Gimp-based image editor, Seashore. A full-screen kiosk mode was programmatically added using Cocoa and underlying Gimp programming paradigms.

The gimp brushes and drawing was extended to include spacing of brush strokes and random orientation of the strokes for the leaves stamp (for example).

Here’s some shots of the Calgary King Eddy installation.

Here is a link theĀ Illuminate Yaletown Event Schedule.

Interface design by Shaun August at EOS Lightmedia.

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