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Focalpoint Kiosk

Touch-screen Kiosk for Puerto Los Cabos Real Estate

This kiosk was a 50″ LCD touch-screen display fully installed in the lobby on-site in Puerto Los Cabos. The kiosk is run by a mac mini running the kiosk software.

The Kiosk features a main screen map that zooms into the particular section of the kiosk content. Each section has touchable icons, and the golf section features touchable golf holes with stats.

The kiosk features web-based configuration and online data polling:

The main page shows time, temperature, and forecast data pulled from a local weather website.

The floorplans section shows an area map of the lots, with sold lots coloured in red and available lots in green. A web-based database is polled to get the sold/avaialable status.

Other data in the kiosk is editable using a web-based online form.

The more complex animations were done using Quartz Composer, and hosted in a Cocoa framework.

All design provided by Darren Cacary at Resolve Design.

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