Ross Kakuschke


Computer Consulting

Sovereign Kiosk

Touch-screen kiosk for Victoria Condominiums

Created for The Sovereign in Victoria, his interactive touch-screen kiosk was an on-site installation of a 40″ LCD panel touch-screen display, with a mac mini running the kiosk software.

Many screens and overlays were created in Interface Builder and saved to separate nib files for ease of editing. The kiosk runtime would load and layer the loaded views accordingly with the kiosk design.

Custom Controller classes were created to animate images and text, then laid out in Interface Builder to create the radio button sections.

The most impressive section of the kiosk is the Floorplans section, featuringĀ a clickable view of the suite layout per floor, and side-by-side comparisons of different suites.

A Quicktime screen saver movie plays after a specified duration of inactivity.

Here is a video showing the kiosk in action.

All art and design specified by Darren Cacary at Resolve Design.

Category: Mac OS X Software


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